Takeuchi’s latest compact mini excavator

Takeuchi’s latest compact mini excavator

In need of a towable excavator? Takeuchi has recently launched a new compact mini excavator.  

Housebuilders of all sizes often find themselves in need of compact plant, highly manoeuvrable whilst capable of digging deep to deliver results. In the towable weight class, Japanese manufacturer Takeuchi’s has recently introduced its latest compact mini, the new TB225. It offers housebuilders a powerful compact machine designed to tackle tough groundworks. Notably, the machine includes a hydraulically retractable track frame that can be adjusted to increase both accessibility and stability.  

The new machine – which offers an all-steel construction – is very compact in overall size. It is a narrow 1,100mm but, thanks to the extendable tracks, it can be extended up to 1,500mm. This feature provides maximum accessibility in narrow areas, but also allows for increased stability when digging deep. The Dozer blade width is easily adjusted via a retained pin.

In both cab and canopy variations, the TB225 comfortably works within towing restrictions. It weighs-in at just under 2,400kg in the cab variant or 2,265kg with a canopy. This means there is plenty of room for attachments and other materials on the trailer.

To ensure high levels of productivity when on a building site, the TB225 comes with 16.5kW of power, 19.3kN of digging force and breakout of 12.8kN.

Additional features include an automatic fuel bleed system, standard auto deceleration, and a large wraparound counterweight.


The TB225 features joystick proportional control to enable the operator to work accurately when using the machine. The thumb-operated slider on the joystick gives precise variable hydraulic control, ideal for auxiliary attachments including augers and grabs. This feature is common on larger excavators and now Takeuchi has added this popular feature to its towable range.

The machine has been designed for maximum all-round operating visibility, including right down into the footwell – which can be particularly important when undertaking utilities work. LED work lights are included as standard, positioned on the cab and boom to light up the workspace and provide maximum visibility in darker working environments.

To meet the higher demands of safety across the construction and utilities sectors, Takeuchi’s TB225 is ready for lifting with audible lifting check valves on both boom and dipper, fitted as standard.

To ensure peace of mind for the plant owner and operator, the machine features the company’s Takeuchi Security System (TSS), which is also fitted as standard.


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