Sponsored Content | Quickslide: ‘Enough’ is never enough…

Sponsored Content | Quickslide: ‘Enough’ is never enough…

A company always looking to push things forward, Quickslide takes a moment to tell its story to PHPD.

“There is always a better way of doing things, to improve the efficiency in the way something is manufactured, the way it travels through a factory, in the way technology processes the information supporting that product, how customers are dealt with, the communications system used… everything can be sharpened, improved, made better”, so says Adrian Barraclough, Chairman of Quickslide Ltd. 

This inherent instinct towards and commitment to continuous improvement was one of the founding concepts of Quickslide almost 20 years ago, when the owners looked at the market for vertical sliding, box sash windows. With an estimated six million homes built using this traditional type of window, the majority of which were installed in normal, modest homes, the choices for the owners to replace poorly performing, failing windows were limited to expensive, largely hand-made timber framed windows that were way beyond most budgets. Quickslide is credited with popularising affordable replacements, manufactured on a large scale and using modern materials, with short lead times and national distribution. 

Since then, Quickslide has developed the vertical sliding sash window in terms of its efficiency, quality of manufacture and authenticity of design. The company has also added a full range of casement windows and residential, bi-folding and sliding doors, in PVC-u and aluminium, all manufactured to the same meticulous standards. Quickslide is now regarded as a key supplier of all types of windows and doors, for all applications. 

Why housing?
The windows and doors and other fenestration elements of a property play a great part in defining the character and personality of a home, as well as its performance, and the safety, comfort, convenience and wellbeing of the residents. The influence that windows and doors can have on the desirability of a property is often underestimated. 

We work with developers and builders to find the right combination of glazed elements for a property, from design and specification to the provision of supporting marketing materials and displays for show homes. In providing this service we are echoing the importance that established homeowners place on the choice of new windows and doors for their homes. And whilst developers attach more importance now than ever on this detail, we believe that a great deal more can be achieved with the right supply partner, one that can share a deep understanding of the subject. 

Quickslide has more than 15 years’ experience supplying new build projects, from small developments to multi-home sites. We understand the needs of developers and demands placed upon them, from local authorities to home-buyers and all points between. We work strictly to budget and deadline and understand the specific logistical requirements of new-build including site-safety and protocols; and have the knowledge, experience, systems and capability to supply to site on-time, every time to agreed schedules.

Our award-winning PVC-u and aluminium windows and doors are consistent in quality, specification and appeal across every market that we supply, designed to meet the most rigorous challenges of Building Regulations as much as the discerning eyes of potential buyers searching for the perfect home for them and their families.

In short, we are the perfect supply partner for your windows, doors and fenestration products. 

Key facts

  • Established: 2004, Privately owned
  • Location: Brighouse, West Yorkshire
  • Size of factory: 150,000ft2
  • No of Employees: 162
  • Production volumes: 60,789 products in 2020
  • Distribution: National, via own fleet of six 18-tonne lorries and four vans

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