Securing garages with Garador

Securing garages with Garador

Security is a vital concern for all, but while much is often made of window and door security, garages can be overlooked. PHPD takes a look at how Garador is helping to ensure garages remain secure.

Security is always a key concern when building or specifying for a home, but while window locks, front door security systems and electronic surveillance on entry paths are often top of the list, it is vital not to forget the garage.

It is sometimes overlooked how burglars can gain access to the main home through the garage door, without anyone noticing. Plus, burglars often target garages because of the high value goods and equipment that are often stored there.

To help combat the problem, and provide extra reassurance to any home buyer, leading garage door manufacturer Garador has developed an additional Secured by Design (SBD) accredited range of garage doors with extra security features.

Guard against entry
Garador was one of the first companies to introduce Secured by Design (SBD) into its garage doors. Its SBD range of Guardian Up & Over garage doors deliver significant protection without detracting from the overall kerb appeal of the design. The Guardian range consists of three steel up & over garage door models, the Carlton, Horizon and Salisbury, which have been engineered to offer a higher level of security.

Garador’s Marketing Manager, Paul Eddleston, commented: “The additional security features help to prevent a break-in, protecting key areas of the door a determined burglar would exploit to gain access to the garage. This well-engineered door goes well beyond the traditional garage door in helping to prevent a break in, to really provide homeowners with that little bit of extra peace of mind.”

Garador’s Guardian Range doors have a few key features which enhance their security. For example, the door panel on a Guardian Range door is reinforced with eight back braces, making it more difficult to cut through.

Further, a reinforcing plate has been fitted behind the lock body to prevent attacks against the locking mechanism and an anti-snap cylinder with a sacrificial front is used to prevent entry even after an attack. Steel plates have also been built onto each corner to protect the bottom locking points.

Garador’s Guardian range can be supplied with either canopy or retractable lifting gear and in a choice of 19 standard colours.

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