Sottini | Creating aspirational bathrooms

Sottini | Creating aspirational bathrooms

SottiniAshley Smith, Sector Marketing Executive, Sottini, outlines how housebuilders can use inspirational solutions to create truly aspirational bathrooms.

Luxury can mean very different things to different people, especially when applying the term to a home. For some, the idea of a luxury space is an expensive one, full of lavish touches, decadence and grand designs. However, others perceive luxury houses as being modern, minimalist, sleek and understated.

Regardless of an individual’s subjective preferences, the universal definition of luxury living is to be ‘in a state of great comfort’. Today’s homeowners prioritise comfort and well-being more than ever, as our ‘always on’ work cultures increasingly blur the boundaries between our professional and personal lives. Finding those spaces where we can truly disconnect from the outside world can sometimes feel impossible, which is why it’s important for housebuilders to create them where possible.

More and more the bathroom has become a sanctuary area of a home; a place where people can be alone with their thoughts, feel cleansed and refreshed. At Sottini, we have a passion and international reputation for crafting timeless products which actively help homeowners feel truly at peace in their bathrooms.

The story of our brand is born from the legacy of two entrepreneurial and highly creative brothers Antonio and Giuseppe. In 1939, they started a manufacturing company which soon flourished and quickly became renowned for handmade quality, classic design and innovation in technology. These values have always stayed with the brand, and our latest bathroom products are testament to this heritage. We achieve our difference in the market through our extraordinary design talent and core focus on craftmanship and creativity.


Good design is at our core
Our design partners are some of the most successful in the industry, helping us create fresh products which still have a timeless look and feel. Imagination runs deep in Sottini products, resulting in better looking, better quality products, which make for aspirational, welcoming bathroom environments.

One of our latest ranges, Fusaro, builds on the growing trend away from harder, squarer basins. In this collection, soft corners and thin edges result in gentle curves that bring a quiet elegance and sense of peace to bathroom interiors. Our design teams made use of clean lines and soft contours to inspire comfortable aesthetics which provoke feelings of openness and space.

With our extensive Fusaro range, we’ve also been able to set new standards for versatility, design, ease of installation and maintenance. The inspirational basins come in a variety of organic forms including redefined circles, ovals, softened squares and smooth cornered rectangles for every possible installation. Fusaro’s versatility extends to Sottini furniture as the collection integrates seamlessly with Ippari, Mavone and Turano ranges and comes in a range of different sizes including smaller cloakroom solutions. At Sottini, we believe that the possibilities for luxury bathroom design are endless and limited only by imagination.

Of course, design is fundamental when it comes to creating luxury spaces, but timeless solutions need to stand the test of time as well. Chips and breakages in ceramic solutions can quickly spoil any feelings of comfort and wellbeing in a bathroom. It was this thinking which led to the creation of Sottini’s unique Diamatec technology, which is used in our beautiful Ellero range.

Ellero is a collection of elegant, light-design basins with 3mm edges which achieve unmatched levels of durability. By using our pioneering Diametec technology, we have been able to create products which have fine, ultra-thin, straight ceramic walls that still are extremely strong and appropriate for a wide range of demanding environments, such as family bathrooms.

In order to develop Diamatec, we looked to other industry where ceramics need to be thin, strong and yet beautifully designed, such as hotel tableware. We chose the best and latest technologies from this and other sectors, and blended ingredients such as alumina, known for its rigidity and strength, and chamotte, which prevents cracking and adds structural strength. The result is a new material that is particularly suitable for high-end residential settings, where the need to combine strong aesthetics with hard-wearing durability is paramount. The quality of Diamatec products has been robustly verified, using stress and chip testing methods, giving peace of mind and confidence to housebuilders and homeowners alike.

Luxury trends, aspirational living
At Sottini, we know that housebuilders need bathroom ranges that meet the always-evolving aesthetic needs of consumers, which is why we offer a huge breadth of elegant solutions to help them in creating infinite possibilities for their developments.

Homeowners will find luxury in spaces where they feel most relaxed and comfortable, surrounded by beautiful, elegant design that stands the test of time. Each Sottini product is born of an inspired concept, and we consider each piece a work of art and a design statement. By making use of these solutions, housebuilders can guarantee ‘luxury’ appeal within any bathroom space.

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