Rocket Door Frames on pocket doors

Rocket Door Frames on pocket doors

PHPD discovers how pocket doors can help create more useable space in a new home. 

Over the last decade the use of pocket doors in commercial and retail developments has increased. But is this growth set to transfer into the residential sector?

The basic philosophy of pocket doors is a simple one: more space. Consider an apartment of 100 square metres. Using pocket doors instead of hinged doors can help create more useable space. According to manufacturer Rocket Door Frames, around 10% more usable space. 

It says that all the space behind the door becomes practical, usable space – allowing for chairs, tables, bookshelves and other items to be placed in the space that was previously, ‘behind the door’.  

Slide on time
Pocket Doors are sliding doors and sliding doors have, in the past, suffered from a bad reputation when they jumped off the tracks easily and were unreliable. However, the development of a specific product for pocket doors, made from steel not wood, and with enclosed runners that can’t jump off the rails and with all parts maintenance free has reinvigorated the market. 

As the structure is made from steel it is strong and not subject to the risk of warping, which in turn allows for a smooth sliding action. Moreover, many manufacturers offer systems to fit UK standard door sizes allowing developers a straightforward choice of doors for a project.

Rocket Door Frames has been involved in the door frame market for over 30 years. The company’s Director, Ruth Barnard said: “Creating more space within the interiors of residential dwellings allows homeowners ultimate flexibility in the creation of their own ‘perfect’ rooms. And, by utilising recent developments in design and manufacturing, manufacturers like Rocket Door Frames can deliver maintenance free steel pocket doors, to help developers achieve their vision for spacious new homes and apartments.    

“Rocket Door Frames are at the forefront of Pocket Door development offering a steel, maintenance free system to fit UK door sizes with next day availability.” 

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