Paintable electrical accessories

Paintable electrical accessories

Hamilton have introduced paintable electrical accessories, allowing housebuilders to go one step further with complete colour coordination.

The new range of paintable switch plates and sockets, launched by Hamilton Litestat, allow for a colour match with any wall or interior design scheme. Housebuilders can now incorporate wiring accessories into colour-led design schemes in all rooms throughout any new home. Switches and sockets can be made to blend in and disappear or they can be painted in a vivid colour to match accent tones from room accessories and soft furnishings.

The paintable accessories are available in the company’s Hartland CFX and Sheer CFX design ranges. Both feature Hamilton’s patented ‘CFX’ four-point plate clipping system so that no fixings are visible. They come with a choice of insert finishes, from bright chrome to antique brass, and with either black or white insert surrounds.

Broader brush strokes
In addition to these designs, Hamilton also offers the paintable finish as an option on any bespoke plates and sockets developed by the company’s design team. Either the bespoke Hartland CFX or Sheer CFX options can be supplied already sprayed to match a wall colour or they can be supplied in a ready-to-paint primed finish so they can be painted onsite.

By offering a paint-prepared finish and the flexibility to customise, Hamilton is reacting to some noted trends:

  • Buyers are increasingly choosing to decorate the property at a later date. Developers are offering practical neutral colour schemes for these properties in the interim. This offering can be further improved by installing ready-primed plates. Once the homeowner decides on a colour scheme, the plates can also be painted to suit.
  • Developers offering decorate-to-order Customers are given the option of choosing their preferred finishes while the house is being finalised, ensuring their home décor is completed in the professional standard they desire. Paintable switches and sockets allow for the developer to offer a wider range of options to meet the design scheme.
  • With bold colours and designs on-trend, developers are receiving more requests for bespoke patterned wall coverings. Hamilton can colour match so that even on a highly-decorative wall the electrical accessories are still in-keeping with the colour and scheme.

Hamilton’s Marketing Manager, Gavin Williams, explained: “We are seeing increasing requests for electrical products that enable greater individuality and that go beyond the ‘standard’ offered options, from both a design and functionality point of view. We have developed our ‘Paintable’ range to support property developers in this movement towards tailoring all aspects of the home to the exact requirements of buyers. Our paintable switch plates and sockets allow for any choice of colour and with our paint-ready finish option, this can be completed at a time of their choosing, either before or after they’ve moved in.”

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