Moores discusses kitchens for the new-build market

Moores discusses kitchens for the new-build market

Kitchens are arguably the most important room in the house. PHPD visited Moores in Wetherby to find out the new strategy this experienced manufacturer has towards the new-build market.

When it comes to creating the right buzz around the sale of a new home the significance of the kitchen is well known. Always considered a highly influential room in any new property, thanks to the rise of open-plan living, the kitchen/dining/living space is now often seen as the beating heart of a new home.

Consequently, getting the kitchen right is a key issue for all housebuilders – but how do you know what your potential customers want? Most housebuilders will have certain ideas, and many larger firms use the services of their own designers or architects, but this is not always practical for many medium sized or SME housebuilders.

But whatever your size, perhaps the best place for help is the supply chain, where kitchen manufacturers can help in all aspects of the process, from design and installation to aftercare.

Customer focus
One kitchen manufacturer with significant experience of the market is Moores. Steve Parkin, CEO at the Wetherby based business explained: “We want to think more about our end customer, not just our immediate customer. We are researching customer trends and are understanding the customer better.”

The company is working together with its own supply chain – companies like hinge specialist Blum – to understand what the market is demanding so it can become an early adopter of new innovations and deliver better solutions to its customers.

The move is just one part of a wider strategy put in place by CEO Steve Parkin after he joined the business in 2015. He described the proposition the company has built as: “Design, development contemporary offering, installation capability and service.” He continued, “I have really invested in installation, customer service and customer care.”

Moores Definitive Zurich

Modern to classic
Moores launched its kitchen range aimed at the new-build market in 2014. Called Definitive it has been refined over the last couple of years and now features 11 styles bridging the spectrum from modern to classic. ”Definitive”, Steve explained, “has really gained momentum and now has become our standard product. It is the product people want because of its quality, finish and the different surfaces and colours available.”

Design is another of the key elements in the company’s strategy. Its 20-strong design team not only researches the latest trends to come up with new styles but also works closely with customers, designers and architects to ensure a housebuilder’s vision can be translated into reality. Through this process Moores believes it can add real value to its customers.

Whilst Moores already works closely with a number of national housebuilders the company is keen to ensure it also has the right solutions for medium and SME builders. “We want to reach all tiers of builder,” Steve explained. “Our business has invested in product design and service capability to really present itself to the whole market.”

Premier range
Whilst the Definitive range has appeal across the new-build market in the premium sector, in April 201,7 Moores introduced its Roux Kitchen range in collaboration with Michelin star chef Michel Roux Jr. The range not only features desirable and innovative storage solutions but also a minimalist contemporary look suited for more luxurious spaces. “It is something you might find in a penthouse property or a half a million pound plus property because people are prepared to pay to upgrade to have a higher spec kitchen,” said Steve.

“Our business has invested in product design and service capability to really present itself to the whole market.”

Plans for growth
With the provision of kitchens to the new-build sector representing roughly 50% of the company’s turnover, and a company-wide growth plan in the region of 25%, it is clear Moores will be increasingly focused on the whole of the housebuilding sector.

Irrespective of whether the trend for open-plan living continues, all new homes need a kitchen. By putting design and customer service at the heart of its approach Moores believes it is well placed to take advantage of the growing new-build market.

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