Methven | A sustainable choice

Methven | A sustainable choice

Martin Walker, CEO for Methven, discusses how the specification of high performance showers and tapware can help housebuilders and developers address the industry’s role in protecting the UK’s water supply.

In 1960 around 85 litres of water was used per person, per day. Fast forward to 2021 and this figure is around 150 litres and rising. The latest research from Waterwise estimates that over two billion litres of water is used each day across Britain through showering, the equivalent to almost 800 Olympic size swimming pools. 

There are genuine concerns that the UK will face severe water shortages in the next 20 years due to climate change and population growth, and as a result, the Environment Agency is urging everyone to reduce their water usage by 40 litres or more a day. 

Statistics show that water used in the bathroom accounts for 40% of a household’s daily usage. The government’s new legislation urges local authorities to adopt an optional minimum building standard of 110 litres per person per day in all new builds where there is a clear local need, meeting the target under the latest version of Approved Document G. 

Therefore, by specifying solutions that adhere to the Government’s ‘optional’ requirement, developers can not only ensure new properties are compliant with current regulations, but simultaneously support future homeowners in proactively reducing their long-term water and energy usage.

Specification range
To support housebuilders and developers and help them to attain the next generation of kitchens and bathrooms, Methven has developed a dedicated Specification Range, offering coordinating tapware, showering solutions and accessories, featuring technologies that maximise each individual droplet of water to contact the skin in the most effective way, without compromising on visual appeal or performance. 

Methven also recognises that the housebuilding market has shifted significantly over the past decade with a greater emphasis on delivering high quality homes that are much more design-led. In response to this, Methven’s latest offering consists of three product ranges, Wai, Motu, Tasman, which have been skilfully designed in high-quality finishes, Chrome, Matte Black, Brushed Brass, Gunmetal and Brushed Nickel. The diverse portfolio collection of metallic surfaces support housebuilders and developers in achieving current on-trend interior design schemes.

The new Specification Range has also been designed to enhance kitchens, with the tapware range offering a functional solution as well as being optimised to operate as little as at six litres per minute in order to save water.

The Specification Range has been designed to ensure that specifiers no longer have to sacrifice form and function to achieve water efficiency and now more than ever it is crucial that industries work together to take a collective approach to protect the UK’s water supply.

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