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Luxury Homes | Sink & Win

When specifying a luxury kitchen should you throw everything at it – including the kitchen sink?

Header image: Reginox’s Ontario RF 7505 stainless steel sink has a contemporary design and features a progressive geometric finish.

Kitchens are perhaps the key room in new homes, and with the continuing popularity of ‘living kitchens’ the importance of creating the right mix of form and function is not likely to wane. The contribution that a beautifully designed sink and tap can make to a luxury kitchen should not be overlooked.

Dave Mayer, Sales and Marketing Director of Reginox, explained: “In most homes, the sink is found under the window, an area to which the eye is naturally drawn, so there is no doubt that it can be a real focal point. The wet zone needs to offer a strong fusion of form and function and sink manufacturers are stepping up to meet this demand admirably, offering an ever-increasing range of stunning stainless steel, ceramic and granite products.”

Luxury Kitchen
Franke Frames is a slimtop sink and tap with side lever swivel spout tap in solid stainless steel.

Low profile

An option that is becoming increasingly popular is undermount or flush mounted sinks. Jeanette Ward, Communications Manager at Franke notes: “At the top end of the market people are seeking flushmounted or very low profile sinks that offer a different kind of elegance in their aesthetics.”

The Frames by Franke FSX 211 stainless steel sink has been designed to combine streamlined design and functionality. The sink features a uniform, slim 19mm frame with subtly radiused corners and can be installed either as low-profile inset or a flushmount for a sleek look.

Luxury Kitchen
Abode’s Dune sink and Virtue pull out spray tap.

Hard decisions

A further eye-catching option is a granite sink, which have the ability to combine with a variety of colour schemes. Londa is one of four new granite sinks from Abode, with the collection also including the Matrix SQ undermount sink available in a single, large single and one-and-a-half bowl option, plus Dune and Excite, both of which can be chosen as single or one-and-a-half bowl and drainer.

To add a further touch of indulgent luxury why not include an accessory tough – that could double-up as a champagne or ice trough. Manufactured from 1.2mm thick stainless steel, the accessory trough from The 1810 Company can be undermounted or flushfit.

Luxury Kitchen
1810’s accessory trough with champagne and ice.

Tap into the trend

Another item that is increasingly on trend for the more luxury feel is a boiling hot water tap. A number of aesthetically pleasing models are becoming increasingly available with space, energy and time saving features. Dave Mayer noted: “3 in 1 taps, offering boiling, ordinary hot and ordinary cold water, are already starting to overtake those offering just boiling water. From the developer’s point of view, they present a ready-made opportunity to enhance their offer to homeowners.”

The Amanzi, 3 in 1 instant boiling hot water tap from Reginox dispenses both standard hot and cold water through an elegant 3600 swivel mixer spout.


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