Latest residential interiors from Caesarstone go ‘rough’

Latest residential interiors from Caesarstone go ‘rough’

Could ‘industrial’ be the next sought after style? Caesarstone’s new Metropolitan Collection has been designed to capture the raw nature of the industrial look.

Robust construction finishes have become a popular choice amongst consumers – inspired by factories and lofts and translated for residential interiors. Looking to be at the leading edge of this new design trend, Caesarstone recently launched five new products within its Metropolitan Collection. The London launch was called ‘A Rough Night’ – a reference to the raw and unpolished look of the new quartz surfaces, which ties in with the growing trend for an ‘industrial’ look.

The company’s UK VP of Marketing, Jon Stanley, commented: “Caesarstone continues to set surface design trends that others can only follow. Last year’s reveal of Rugged Concrete was a significant hit with both commercial and residential designers; numerous projects and a number of awards followed but what the launch really did was set the tone for the Metropolitan Collection that we are unveiling now.”

“The Collection has been designed to reflect the authentic textures of raw manufacturing.”

Each new surface in the Collection has been designed to reflect the textures of raw manufacturing, such as oxidized steel, poured plaster and raw concrete.

Cloudburst Concrete

Texture and depth
The new products include Excava which features an excavated look. Texture and depth is achieved from different layers of earth shades to copper and dark brown. Its rough concrete finish is subtly coarse to the touch.

The new Cloudburst Concrete worksurface has a white on white, tonal cloud-like patina. With its ‘rough’ low reflective matt surface, Caesarstone believes that the design works alongside light and dark timbers, stainless steel and concrete surfaces.

Airy Concrete has a light grey base, designed to illustrate the richness that minimalism can achieve, while Topus Concrete takes inspiration from topological strata – fossilized textures built up over time in veiled layers – and has been designed to combine the mineral formations found in nature with the rugged patinas of industrial materials.

Airy Concrete

Frozen Terra is a modern, industrial-inspired concrete/terrazzo fusion with sparsely distributed irregular translucent aggregate and fine black basalt.

Jon Stanley explained: “Caesarstone works with the world’s leading trend forecasters and the in-house design team are acutely aware of what’s becoming in vogue and when. The Metropolitan Collection, as well as comprising perhaps the most visually arresting surface designs available on the market today, is highly commercial and keenly priced. Many of our leading partners that already have display materials in their showrooms are seeing significant interest.”

Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces can be used as countertops, vanities, wall cladding, floors and other interior surfaces. Containing up to 93% natural quartz, the surfaces are hard wearing and highly heat and cold resistant.


The new Caesarstone Metropolitan Collection is now available nationally.


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