A hidden socket system for discreet home automation

A hidden socket system for discreet home automation

PHPD takes a look at Syncbox, a hidden socket system that can be used to facilitate a home’s automation requirements.

Although vital for running the latest smart homes solutions, we all know that cables should be hidden away from sight and, according to Syncbox so should the sockets and other electrical outlets. Whether it is TV, wider A/V solutions, power, or other media requirements, Syncbox – a recessed socket system – can be configured for just about any system through its large range of modules.

Duncan Summers, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, said: “Syncbox is now a complete range of products that can be turned into any advanced wiring build, consisting of the four main elements: TV, Media, Audio & Power. Customers are able to adapt the Syncbox to their own unique specification and with large projects we can help with the technical drawings.”

Slim profile
Whilst Syncbox features an ultra-slim profile, it has also been designed to be attractive from an installation point of view. The company explained to us that when a number of installers used Syncbox for the first time, many said they’d find it impossible to go back to the original layout because of how easy it is to install.

The company has produced some step-by-step demonstration videos for both solid and dry wall installations to demonstrate the product’s installation, available on its website.

Colours & cost savings
Contributing to the professional finish of the product is the cover plate. The traditional cover plate is white and is included in each pack as standard, but it can be painted to match any wall finish, or to tie-in with other electrical items. It is also available in a range of 12 colours called ‘Premier’ Covers.

Duncan believes that a further benefit of the Syncbox is found in cost savings. He says: “Syncbox is completely unique, so it’s vital that we demonstrate the benefits of using our product from a financial perspective. It’s estimated that there will be a 27% cost saving when purchasing a Syncbox, versus the traditional existing format.”

Design sevice
Syncbox offers a custom design service, specifying the make-up of each media, audio, power & TV outlet in a property. A free service, offered no matter the size of the project, provides technical layouts which can be used onsite by contractors. Each recessed unit supplied features a unique SKU number relating to the technical layout to ensure each Syncbox contains every component required on the project.


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