Heatrae Sadia | Tapping into new opportunities

Heatrae Sadia | Tapping into new opportunities

Roy Marsden, Product Manager at Heatrae Sadia, discusses the growth of the hot water tap market and the benefits fitting these products in new build developments.

Demand for hot water taps is increasing, with research showing that one in five new kitchens installed over the past two years features a hot (boiling) water tap. Busy lifestyles are driving the need for convenient living, and with multigenerational households also on the rise, consumers are seeking efficient solutions that enable them to maximise the limited time they have available.

This, combined with an ever-increasing energy-conscious society, is forcing developers to consider solutions that can provide tangible benefits in relation to sustainability, time and cost.

Hot water taps that have the capability to offer filtered and chilled options will resonate with the anti-plastic mindset of customers who are proactively looking to reduce their waste, but still want access to water that delivers guilt-free hydration.

Opting for water solutions that consider scale prevention and filtration is particularly important in hard water areas to ensure optimum water quality, while also reducing wear and tear on the system. For example, the Aquatap from Heatrae Sadia reduces bacteriostatic effects, chlorine taste and odour, and is supplied with a complete filtration kit as standard.

At a time when social media plays such a big role in people’s lives, the latest kitchen trends are always at the forefront of the customer’s mind, positioning style at the heart of the specification process. As hot water taps are compact in design and can be installed over the sink or with a drip tray, they provide a practical, yet stylish solution for instant boiling, ambient or chilled water in high-end domestic kitchens.

Safety on tap
Unwieldy cables not only look cluttered, but they also present an additional hazard which is particularly dangerous when dealing with boiling water, whereas hot water taps can dispense boiling water safely as they do not need to be lifted to pour out their contents, and are cool to touch. This is an essential consideration if vulnerable family members live within the household.

A kettle can easily be overfilled, causing excess water to bubble out of the appliance, along with excess amounts of steam. However, using a push/pull lever allows for controlled boiling water delivery and any steam generated during heat-up is condensed and retained within the unit itself to help prevent accidental burns or scalding.

It is a misconception that re-boiling water in a kettle several times helps to kill germs; research has shown that re-boiling water more than once can actually create harmful bacteria. With the potential issue of contracting legionnaires’ disease a worrying concern, opting for a hot water tap can help to minimise risk and offers a more hygienic solution.

Families often lead very busy, on-the-go lifestyles, and therefore savour any additional time they can get their hands on. Research suggesting that an average full kettle takes around three minutes to boil, so it’s no surprise that hot water taps are growing in popularity, as they can save large households a significant amount of time on a daily basis.

With the market expected to continue growing as the next generation of homeowners look for more convenient, adaptable and accessible household appliances, developers need to stay ahead of the curve in regards to sustainability, design, cost and productivity.

Hot and chilled water taps, such as Heatrae Sadia’s Aquatap range, help to provide solutions that meet the unique requirements of any household. As the products are often incredibly easy to fit and come with a wealth of supporting literature, it is perhaps the perfect time to start encouraging customers to consider upgrading to a hot and chilled water tap.

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