Heating & Ventilation | LG’s water heat pump launch at Wembley

Heating & Ventilation | LG’s water heat pump launch at Wembley

LGCould a new heating ‘love affair’ be about to begin? PHPD reports on the launch of LG’s latest air to water heat pump range.

When looking at how to heat a new property there are more options available than you might first think. Boilers immediately spring to mind, and a number of options are available including natural gas, LPG, oil and biomass. Then there are different renewable options including options such as PV and solar thermal. Wider heat networks may too be a consideration for larger projects.

Another solution worthy of consideration is a heat pump. Widely recognised and used across mainland Europe, this type of system remains relatively unknown and under used in the UK. Only 16,000 air source heat pumps were installed in the country in the past year – compared to more than 1 million in Germany.

However, recent technological advancements – including a switch to the use of R32 refrigerant and a reduction in noise output – are beginning to build a solid case for a heating system that could begin to feature more widely across the country.

Monobloc party
LG – perhaps better known in the UK for appliances and televisions – used Wembley Stadium as the backdrop for the launch of its Therma V R32 Monobloc air to water heat pump range. The new range operates on the low GWP R32 refrigerant, and is available in 5kW to 16kW 1Ø and 12kW to 16kW 3Ø, in a wide operating range of between 10-135Hz, and water temperatures up to 65°C without an electric backup heater.

LGThe new version of the Therma V Monobloc contains a plate heat exchanger, expansion tank and a Grundfos water pump. The new units also have a higher capacity due to the choice of refrigerant.

The latest units also have a 5 to 6dB lower sound power level than previous models and incorporate a number of additional new features including a new scroll compressor, designed and manufactured by LG Electronics with ‘wet vapour’ injection. This technology helps to control the high discharge temperature of the compressor efficiently, bringing it down from 160°C to below 110°C, which results in an expanded heating operation range and better performance at low ambient temperatures.

All in all, the new Therma V R32 Monobloc air to water heat pump comes with an energy label rating of A+++.

Market explosion
Andrew Hooper LG’s UK & Ireland Heating Manager in the company’s Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions business said: “As a package for the installer and the end user, this is a game changer in the air to water air source heat pump marketplace. The market for air source heat pumps is set to explode in the UK and this new range puts LG in pole position to take advantage of that increase in popularity.”

“This new range of LG Therma V R32 Monobloc units puts us in a very good place, able to provide a high quality solution to the developers and end users in the UK looking for an energy efficient, cost efficient, eco-friendly source of heating and hot water that is ready and able to challenge the stranglehold of the traditional boilers that we have a love affair with here in the UK.”

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