Geberit’s new premium bathroom brand

Geberit’s new premium bathroom brand

Geberit has launched a new premium bathroom brand which it hopes will appeal to regional and SME housebuilders. PHPD attended its launch event to discover more.

When it comes to selling new-build homes most housebuilders know the significant influence a beautiful bathroom can have on potential buyers. The bathrooms in a house – wetrooms, en-suites, downstairs facilities and family bathrooms – are increasingly spaces for much more than the obvious; they are now spaces to relax, and even indulge in. Consequently, when it comes to bathrooms, buyers are increasingly seeking luxurious spaces in which to ‘wash away’ the stresses of modern life.

Although there are a number of familiar brands already in the mid/premium bathroom space Geberit has recently also launched into this sector. The business already has the established Twyford brand (gained through the acquisition of the Sanitec Group in 2015) which is predominately a mid-market offer.

However, it has now introduced the ‘Geberit Bathroom Collection’ brand offering; a more design led approach reaching into the higher market segments. The target market in the new-build sector is very much regional and SME housebuilders building prestigious detached homes and stylish apartments.


The Geberit Bathroom Collection launch event

Brand positioning
At the launch event for the new range PHPD spoke with Geberit UK Managing Director Mark Larden to discover more about the move. Mark noted: “The Geberit Bathroom Collection is a result of extensive market research and customer feedback and perfectly complements our sanitary systems technology while offering our customers the quality and innovation they’ve come to expect from Geberit. With Geberit ceramics and Twyford we are now ideally positioned to supply the market with a quality offering across all price segments.”

Mark continued: “Geberit has a good name in that premium to upper retailer space because we have been selling [Duo-Fix] frames and Aquaclean for the last 15 years.” With the launch of the new Geberit Bathroom Collection the Swiss owned sanitary company will be looking to leverage its strong position as a manufacturer of ‘behind the wall’ bathroom solutions, while bringing its new bathroom collection ‘in front of the wall’. Mark noted: “The Geberit brand is well recognised and trusted by professionals and end users alike and this expansion is the next step in offering our customers even greater choice.”

“With the launching of the Geberit Bathroom Collection it is now possible to offer architects, designers and specifiers a comprehensive range of products both in front of and behind the wall.”

Through this move the company is hoping that housebuilders will see an opportunity to consolidate their supply chains with one manufacturer. Mark noted: “With the launching of the Geberit Bathroom Collection it is now possible to offer architects, designers and specifiers a comprehensive range of products both in front of and behind the wall that meet the brand‘s exacting quality standards. All the sanitary solutions for creating a dream bathroom can now be obtained from a single, inspirational source.”


The ranges
Geberit has worked with a number of product designers to deliver the new five-series collection, with a focus on combing elegant design and functionality and usability. The collection includes a range of standard and short projection washbasins and toilets, bidets, mirrored cabinets and furniture with storage. The ‘functionality’ comes from innovations including Geberit Rimfree toilets, Geberit AquaClean shower toilets, the Geberit DuoFresh odour extraction unit and advanced KeraTect ceramic glazes.

The Bathroom Collection includes the Geberit Acanto series which the company believes takes consideration of bathroom ergonomics to an ‘all new level’. Mark commented: “Bathroom ergonomics is given priority with the Geberit Acanto series, with a great deal of research undertaken into storage needs to ensure that user comfort is maximised. The result is cabinets at the perfect reach height for various family members and compartments of the right size and shape to store daily used products, such as toothpaste and toiletries, within an optimum reach zone. Less frequently used items such as clean towels are stored further away, yet still within arm’s reach.”

Furniture in the Acanto series can be combined in any number of ways to create individual solutions. A mixture of materials and surfaces including glass, metal, painted and wood finishes are all part of the offer. The range also comprises a wide range of washbasins, Rimfree toilets and bathtubs. Further ranges include Citterio, Xeno2, iCon, and Smyle.

Promotional activities
Recognising that this is a competitive area in the market with a number of established brands already existing, Geberit will be looking to promote its new offering throughout the trade and consumer spaces. It has confirmed that further products and solutions will follow in due course.


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