Designer radiators | The rad-ical choice?

Designer radiators | The rad-ical choice?

Whether it’s a singular build or a major redevelopment, discerning homebuyers are increasingly looking for those added extras that can really make a difference. Simon Morris, Marketing Manager from the Radiator Company discusses how designer radiators can provide the desired finishing touch.

Recent innovations in the designer radiator market ensure that there is a style to suit every aesthetic in the bathroom and kitchen, and can assist in making a bold statement rather than being a standard ‘one size fits all’ white radiator many consider typical.

For bathrooms, the standard design expected is the traditional ladder towel rail in chrome or white. However, there are contemporary designs now available on the market which can make the most of the space and also create a bold statement.

Side loading towel rails remove one of the enclosing side rails and make hanging easier than ever, providing a unique twist on the traditional towel rail that many homeowners will be accustomed to.

Contemporary bathrooms can also benefit from slimline horizontal orientated rails that can be installed above bathtubs in order to maximise the space available, freeing up floor space in smaller bathrooms.

If space is further limited still, the bathroom will benefit greatly from a dual-function radiator; leading manufacturers can offer a towel rail that also features a full length mirror as a back, or radiators that double as a shelving unit to store towels and clothing in whilst also keeping the room at the desired temperature.

For the more traditional minded, there are also options that suit Georgian or Edwardian interior design as well. A brass tubed floor standing towel rail will take up minimal space whilst still providing adequate hanging room, and adds a stunning antique finish. Alternatively, there are also options available that feature both tubes and radiator sections, which can be floor standing or wall hung depending on the space available.


In kitchen areas, space can be limited by appliances and plumbing, so it’s crucial to choose radiators that will make the most of the space whilst delivering the desired heat output.

For kitchens featuring curved walls, columns and window bays, multicolumn radiators can be curved in a range of sizes and column options to fit exactly to the space available.

If the wall space available is quite narrow, a vertical option would be the best to use as it can make the use of the height available in order to fit exact dimensions and maximise heat output, and adding towel bars or pegs to a vertical radiator helps create a more functional resource.

There are also dual function radiators available. Leading designers will be able to offer high-quality radiators that also function as a bench, so this can be used as seating under a window.

radiatorsThe Finishing Touch
Regardless of the style of radiator best suited to the bathroom or kitchen, there is also now an extensive choice of colours and unique finishes available to suit every application. The Radiator Company, for example, offers many of its contemporary and traditional style radiators in up to 188 RAL colours, and a range of special finishes such as mottled copper, bronze or textured black.

If you were looking to create an all-black bathroom, a popular trend noted by many interior design magazines this season, The Radiator Company offer many radiators in special black finishes such as Black Sparkle, which will add extra dimension to the room.

When creating a home for new owners, it is important to consider the space, how it will be used, and current interior trends. Designer radiators can now allow them to become part of the finished aesthetic of any room, regardless of space or colour requirements.

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