Communications and IT solutions for the building site

Communications and IT solutions for the building site

Establishing IT and communications on a building site can slowdown the construction of a development before it has barely started. PHPD chats to PJ Farr, Managing Director of UK Connect, about the company’s communications solutions.

Q. UK Connect is the new name for Countrywide Telecoms. Can you briefly outline the range of services the business offers and why you felt it was important to recharge your brand?

UK Connect is the UK’s leading provider of communication and IT solutions to the construction industry. We offers six key services: Site Connect our high speed broadband and Wifi installed in site and sales offices within 10 days, Voice Connect a multifunctional landline service, Home Connect offering an instant broadband connection from the day a house buyer moves in, IT Connect which manages and links all IT resources efficiently ensuring full connectivity, Inbound Connect allowing you to track what you need to know and ensure sales calls hit their targets, and finally Virtual Connect a telephone answering service so we take calls when you can’t.

We have come such a long way since I founded the company after leaving the British Army in 2013. Over the years we’ve added an extensive range of services that have been developed specifically to the construction industry and will continue to provide an ever-evolving suite of technology. To celebrate our five year milestone and recognise the step-change we have recharged our brand to become UK Connect.

PJ Farr, MD of UK Connect

Q. Effective communications are critical to any business and development sites are no different. What do you see as the challenges in establishing effective broadband services on a development?

I couldn’t understand why the army was able to create such secure connections in the most remote locations, yet throughout the UK there are many places where you can’t get a decent signal including building sites. Many developments were unable to establish an effective broadband connection, the industry is under massive pressure to deliver, and has a number of key issues that UK Connect can provide. We offer full connectivity to construction sites, marketing suites and show homes within 10 days of ordering.

Q. Is Site Connect predominately a solution for rural development, or can any development, large or small, benefit from the solution?

Site Connect was built for the most rural developments. Our broadband solution uses the latest LTE advanced wireless technology to deliver secure, scalable, enterprise grade broadband connection to your site or sales office. Whether small or large are solution is suitable for all and offers a variety of benefits.

Q. How does the Site Connect solution work and why do you think it is becoming an established solution for the construction market?

Our Site Connect solution is a wireless device which is fitted inside your site/ sales office it enables a secure enterprise grade broadband connection, known as ‘air Fibre’. It is non-dependant on any physical infrastructure enabling a fully working service on site with guaranteed deployment within 10 days of placing the order.

Q. Can your solutions move from broadband provision for the development during the construction and sales processes, and become a longer-term broadband solution for homeowners on a development?

UK Connect has developed a unique broadband solution specifically for the homeowner called Home Connect. Home Connect is a small portable solution with huge benefits to both the housebuilder and the customer. Home Connect can be pre-ordered by the housebuilder ready to gift their customers upon completion. Providing an instant wifi service to the homeowner, whilst also doubling up as a well-received moving in gift. This removes the pressure on site sales staff having to deal with the issues and complaints around homeowner connectivity, as well as serving as a much-appreciated customer service piece.

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