Caple | Kitchen Essentials

Caple | Kitchen Essentials

Caple’s Product Manager Luke Shipway discusses the importance of high-performance appliances when specifying a kitchen.

The quality a house buyer expects from kitchen appliances can make or break a purchasing decision. So, it’s important for housebuilders and developers to consider their choices wisely. Appliances will always play a key role in the potential for a property sale. 

You can instantly save time and money with a brand you can trust if you choose a complete appliance collection at affordable prices. And, if you’re working on a variety of properties targeting different demographics, look for a brand with more than one range to cater for varying price points. 

At Caple, we have three collections – Classic, Sense and Sense Premium. Our Classic ovens, hoods and hobs are particularly popular due to their value for money and high-performance credentials, making them the perfect choice if you’re looking for good-quality appliances at reasonable prices. Our Sense range is ideal for those who are looking for a little extra, such as more programmes and functionality, with smooth black glass and stainless-steel finishes. Sense Premium provides an unrivalled cooking experience with appliances, which include smart ovens, and all have been designed to the highest specifications.

Checking the credentials
We offer a complete appliance portfolio from good quality, stylish fridge freezers and wine cabinets to high-performance cooker extraction, ovens and hobs. It’s so important to provide models, with great credentials and the latest features, which are cost-effective too. Buyers will be looking at specifications, which will suit them, and how they look will also play a key role in the buying decision. We have everything the housebuilder and your buyer needs, including a comprehensive selection of kitchen cabinet styles and an extensive range of sinks and taps which complement our entire appliance collection. 

Our Classic ovens, hobs and hoods are particularly popular due to their value for money and high performance, because they cater for so many needs at reasonable prices. From multifunctional to pyrolytic ovens, we have something for everyone at prices to suit you. Even our wine cabinets have become part of the standard homebuyer’s package. We offer perimetrical extraction in our cooker hoods, with improved motor performance, which cuts down sound levels and is particularly important in an open-plan scheme. 

Our wine cabinets make a perfect addition to a new kitchen as they feature our signature compressor cooling systems, which maintain a precise temperature. We have a comprehensive collection, which ranges from built-in to freestanding and from single to triple temperature zones. What sets them apart is that they mimic the conditions found in an actual wine cellar so the house buyer can be guaranteed perfectly stored wine, which retains all its flavour. Wine cabinets are used to up-sell and may not be available as standard but an aspirational additional extra which, when seen in the show home, becomes a necessity.

White goods deals
If the brand you choose offers a highly competitive white goods package, you’ll benefit from making a good sales margin and you’ll be in a position to offer the buyer a high-quality appliance collection within a simpler buying process. At Caple, we offer these deals with a complete appliance portfolio of more than 200 models available, from wine cabinets, laundry and refrigeration to combination steam ovens, hobs and extractors. 

We already work closely with small and large housing developments to help builders deliver fully-fitted kitchens with entire sets of matching appliances. This is the best way to sell a home, because the house-buyer can walk into a new development, see the kitchen and all its appliances and instantly imagine living there.

It’s important that the housebuilder considers how the appliances perform and their innovative features. This gives them the perfect opportunity to reveal the functionality, style, quality and value for money each appliance has, to the buyer which will ultimately encourage them to make their purchase.

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