Birkdale | Entering the steel age

Birkdale | Entering the steel age

John Abernethie, CEO at Birkdale highlights the rise of modern fencing solutions, which deliver performance and installation benefits, as well as aesthetic value.

Housebuilders and property developers find themselves under intense pressure to increase the delivery of new-build homes across the country, whilst simultaneously being required to uphold some of the most stringent building regulations in Europe. Amidst these competing pressures, clearly there is still a need to deliver profitable contracts. On top of all of this, the sector must also contend with the economic ramifications of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which has greatly affected employment levels and consumer confidence. 

Whilst a number of areas have to be addressed to meet these challenges – the role of new product solutions, which can deliver performance and installation benefits as well as aesthetic value, perhaps has never been quite so important.


Take for example the world of fencing solutions, which had seen little significant change until a new innovation drive, which has occurred in recent years. Historically, housebuilders and property developers have been required to choose either a timber or concrete fencepost solution when specifying for outdoor environments. Unfortunately, neither solution represented a truly ideal choice, with significant drawbacks associated to both. For one, timber fenceposts tend to rot and warp over time and often need to be replaced during a property’s lifecycle. Similarly, concrete fenceposts are difficult to install, requiring at least two contractors on-site, as well as offering very limited aesthetic value to homeowners. 

However, new steel fencepost solutions are offering those in the sector an effective and exciting way to move past these issues. New systems, like DuraPost by Birkdale, have been designed to offer housebuilders and property developers a stylish, easy-to-fit and durable outdoor solution, which is suitable with virtually any type of fencing.

During the manufacturing process of steel fenceposts, pre-galvanised sheet material is cut and cold rolled through specially made dies to create a unique H-section profile. The result is a stronger product, which is able to achieve superior performance and when powder-coated, can provide additional corrosion protection. With a patented design and tested to withstand winds of up to 110mph, the galvanised steel solution is offered with an extensive 25-year warranty agreement and requires no ongoing treatment or maintenance once installed.

What’s more, unlike other fencepost solutions, steel offers far more scope with regards to design, with a wide range of colours and styles available as well as matching accessories including gravel boards, post and rail caps. DuraPost, in particular, is available in the popular Anthracite Grey, as well as Olive Grey, Sepia Brown and Galvanised Steel. It is also compatible with virtually any onsite fencing solutions or pre-made panels currently available on the market, ensuring it can complement any wider garden design.

For housebuilders and property developers, steel fenceposts do not only represent a more long-lasting, design-focused solution; they also offer ease-of-installation. Unlike concrete fenceposts, which normally require at least two contractors to correctly fit, these lightweight solutions – up to 80% lighter than concrete – can be carried and secured safely by a single individual. 

As well as helping those in the sector to effectively half the installation costs associated with the process, without compromising on aesthetics, the new system offers a more sustainable option over alternatives. To this end, the solution is made with 50% recycled steel and is 100% recyclable at its end-of-life, helping housebuilders and property developers to more effectively attain environmental targets, which they are increasingly mandated to meet. 

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