Baxi Heating | Pump it up

Baxi Heating | Pump it up

As demand for Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) grows, Ryan Kirkwood, Heat Pump Business Development Manager at Baxi Heating, explores some of the key considerations housebuilders need to be aware of.

The installation numbers of ASHPs are expected to grow, with the UK Government predicting 600,000 heat pump installations a year by 2028. Part of the major drive behind this is the Future Homes Standard, which will mandate the end of all fossil fuel heating in new homes from 2025.

For housebuilders and developers, engaging with manufacturers early on in the planning and development of a property with an ASHP is recommended to ensure a smooth process. 

Sizing and design
When it comes to ASHPs, no one size fits all. Each house type needs to be individually assessed and the ASHP sized correctly based on the calculated heat losses. 

ASHPs work well with both radiators and underfloor heating (UFH). However, in order to maximise efficiency performance of the heat pump, lower flow temperatures than traditional boiler circuits must be used. This should be taken into consideration when sizing the radiators or UFH loops. Developers can choose the method of heat emission that best suits the style and the budget of the development.

Early planning is a critical part of the process. As a manufacturer, our job is to help proactively engineer out any risks at an early stage to ensure a smooth project delivery. To assist developers, Baxi Design services ensure that all heat loss calculations are properly carried out, in order to appropriately size the heat pump and emitters, and to plan the space required for the hot water cylinder and heat pump.

Training and education
To install the vast numbers of ASHPs expected to be required in future, the number of competent ASHP installers must grow in parallel to match this demand. In the absence of a sufficient number of ASHP installers, the industry will face a skills shortage. To combat this, robust training and support from manufacturers is required. When supplying Baxi Assure ASHP’s we work with developers and their contractors and offer a range of training courses to build their product knowledge and skills and ensure a quality ASHP installation. 

Training however shouldn’t stop at the contractor. ASHP education should be targeted at all levels. For instance, a developer’s sales team and showroom managers will benefit from a sound understanding of the technology, it’s functionality and end user requirements of an ASHP. This knowledge is invaluable when educating prospective buyers on how their new home will be heated.

Baxi Training centres are available throughout the UK, delivering bespoke installation training, across the complete range of Baxi Assure heating and hot water solutions. 

Setting the standard
To ensure the best results, the ASHP design solution must be tailored every time, and Baxi is continually evolving solutions to meet the dynamic aspect of future heat and hot water generation. With many efficient heating and hot water solutions to choose from, a range of options can be considered to meet the needs of different new build residential projects. 

When housebuilders and developers are not yet ready to move fully into ASHP heated properties Baxi can also offer a boiler-heat pump hybrid system, or SAP energy booster accessories, where applicable. Examples include Flue Gas Heat Recovery (FGHR), Shower Heat Recovery Unit (SHRU) and smart, easy-to-use comfort controls. 

Despite the fact that heat pumps have been around for a long time, as wider adoption of the technology happens in order to meet Government targets, developers must carefully consider ASHP design and installation. By choosing solution partners like Baxi, who can guide developers through each stage of ASHP planning, the final result will be a correctly designed, highly efficient, accurately installed and easy to use system for the new homeowner to enjoy.

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