ACO Water Management | In the right garden

ACO Water Management | In the right garden

ACO Water Management’s Oliver Collins explains how emphasis on the garden is set to continue into 2022.

In June, the Office for National Statistics announced that 8.4 million people worked from home at least one day a week in 2020. With more companies introducing hybrid working policies, many homeowners are looking for ways to improve their homes. 

One of the areas which is seeing demand for improvements is the garden. Whether it is a personal gym, outdoor office space, or even a personal pub, 2021 has seen a growing demand for secondary structures. However, those working on such structures must ensure rainwater mitigation is taken into account. 

As with any outdoor structure, it is critical that water, which would usually soak through the natural area, is appropriately managed. However, with the aesthetic appeal of a garden of paramount importance for homeowners, selecting a discreet drainage system is often non-negotiable.  

Selecting a robust yet stylish drainage system is achievable, without compromising performance. ACO’s RainDrain, for example, is a robust system designed specifically for domestic applications, that offers a wide range of gratings made from different materials as part of its ‘Complete the Look’ range. This combination helps ensure the design of the garden is complemented by the aesthetics of the drainage.

Wildlife considerations
Garden improvement trends don’t stop at secondary structures. Creating comfortable, landscaped spaces are also proving popular, thanks in part, to the considerable house valuation benefits it provides. According to research by Post Office Money, landscaping a garden can increase property value by 77%. However, those looking to deliver significant landscape projects must ensure local habitats are supported, particularly as biodiversity protection is expected to increase in importance for future housing projects.

The long-awaited Environment Bill is due to come into force in the UK in the coming months, meaning environmental principles will become a legal requirement. For housebuilders and developers looking to meet the latest garden trends, while being mindful of protecting biodiversity, introducing rain gardens, swales or ponds can play an important role in protecting dwindling species.

With trends to improve and upgrade garden spaces expected to continue into the new year, having an understanding of how biodiversity can be protected is critical. To support those in the construction industry, ACO has collaborated with 60 partners and supporters to launch a new campaign which aims to explore the challenges we face. 

Habitat Matters is a series of webinars and podcasts which looks at how we can create, maintain and improve natural habitat in the built environment. The series will discuss the way in which the construction industry can better protect biodiversity and habitats in the UK, highlighting how we can integrate habitats within the built environment. 

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