Achieving high quality roofing solutions

Achieving high quality roofing solutions

PHPD discovers how Catnic’s commitment to research, development and technical support has been geared towards achieving high quality roofing solutions – notably its SSR2 roofing system.

Building regulations have advanced in the last few decades, demanding structural stability and energy efficiency when replacing or building a new roof. As such, a top priority for today’s construction professional is the need to improve efficiency and lower environmental impact – whilst also delivering the desired aesthetic.

The ideal roofing system is one that can balance sustainability and performance alongside a simple installation process with minimal maintenance required – all in conjunction with meeting the architect’s original design intent for the project.

Recognising this challenge, in 2016 Catnic launched its SSR2 Roofing and Cladding system. The product creates the desired aesthetic of traditional zinc and aluminium systems with a range that includes eight different colours, offering a sustainable and modern roofline for any property.

The SSR2 system has been designed, manufactured and CE marked in accordance with BS EN 14783:2013. With pre-punched fixing holes and panels that are seven times lighter than traditional copper and zinc alternatives, the system allows for a fast and safe installation – reducing both time onsite and associated labour costs.

“A top priority for housebuilders and developers is to ensure that a building is in line with environmental standards.”

Designed with durability in mind, a Galvalloy metallic coating provides cut edge protection for corrosion resistance. This provides durability without compromising the sustainability of the roofing system. With sustainability in mind, the system also includes load bearing for wind speed in accordance with EN 1991-4, weathertightness in accordance with regulation BS 5534 Parts 1 and 2 and rated Class AA for roofing and Class O for walls in terms of fire performance.

Green standards
A top priority for housebuilders and developers is to ensure that a building is in line with environmental standards. To optimise a project’s overall thermal performance and maximise credits under the Responsible Sourcing of Materials criterion in BREEAM, it is vital for roofing materials to be Green Guide compliant.

As such, a major area of development for Catnic has been its environmental standards. The company is committed to achieving continual improvement in its environmental performance by minimising the impact of its operations and supporting government policy for sustainable development.

To meet this demand, the SSR2 Roofing and Cladding system has been developed with a lower environmental impact than required by current legislative standards. The panels have been created from raw materials which have been developed without using heavy metals and unnecessary fire retardants, instead utilising high performing alternatives. Additionally, the panels are 100% recyclable, with a carbon footprint that is three times lower than some of the leading eco-designed urban roofing products and have been BRE Green Guide ‘A’ Rated.

To further enchance the system’s eco-credentials, it can be used in conjunction with renewable technologies. For example, SSR2 can be easily integrated with solar panels which allows the building to conserve energy as well as contributing to the production of energy – significantly reducing its environmental impact.

Catnic has invested in a training centre in Caerphilly

Training centre
The development of SSR2 has also seen Catnic invest in its first training centre. Based in Caerphilly, Wales, the Catnic SSR2 training centre aims to provide an overview of the system as well as equip trade professionals with the skills required to install its new standing seam Roofing and Cladding System.

The centre delivers product installation demonstrations to provide practical advice and top tips which tradesmen can pass onto their customers. It also features a fully equipped classroom – assisting trade professionals and merchants to obtain a theoretical grounding to their knowledge. Additionally, courses can be held locally at merchants across the UK, making it easily accessible.

Gareth Holvey, SSR2 Technical Manager, said, “The training centre was set up to support industry professionals, building their knowledge of the new SSR2 system and experience installation, before transferring those newly acquired skills to site. Our new centre will help course attendees to make the most of the opportunity that the SSR2 Roofing and Cladding system provides.”

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