Virtual tours offer a showcase of PH Homes’ Alderley Park development

Virtual tours offer a showcase of PH Homes’ Alderley Park development

PH Homes is showcasing its Alderley Park homes in a series of virtual tours that give a taste of owning a home in this development. Technology is now allowing interested buyers a chance to walk around the development for the first time from the comfort of their own home via the development website.

Homes at Alderley Park range from three-bedroom townhouses to six-bedroom villas, and are split into the three distinct developments: The Ride, with detached and semi-detached homes adjoining the cricket pitch, walled garden and mature trees; Cedar Square’s Georgian-style townhouses and semi-detached properties arranged around a Lebanese Cedar tree; and The Serpentine with its family homes and luxury villas.

The short videos bring to life the three developments from the ground and take viewers on a virtual tour. Construction work is now underway as Manchester-based DWM Civil Engineering carry out infrastructure work, including groundworks and laying the foundations. Drone footage shows how Cedar Square and The Serpentine are beginning to take shape as plot foundations are put in place for the 60 homes being built on two of the three developments by PH Homes at Alderley Park.

The 74 homes are designed by architect Robert Adam and created by luxury developer PH Homes. Philip Hughes, Managing Director of PH Homes, said: “While the construction phase is underway, the virtual tours will give potential buyers the chance to see the range and style of homes available at Alderley Park and the drone footage shows how we are progressing with the build.

“Through offering the virtual service we are helping future buyers see the outstanding quality of homes available at Alderley Park. This will complement the marketing suite that is currently on site and the show home that will be opening in 2018.”

The 33 homes in The Serpentine are eclectic in size and style, ranging from traditional three-bedroom family properties to six-bedroom villas.


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