Blenheim Estate Homes unveils Park View

Blenheim Estate Homes unveils Park View

Blenheim Estate Homes has unveiled its new development site at Park View in East Woodstock.

The site is the first development undertaken by Blenheim Estate Homes incorporating the principles of Landowner Legacy – which recognises local landowners have a social, economic and moral responsibility to deliver developments of which its local community can be proud.

The recent VIP launch event, which took place over two nights and was held in Blenheim Palace’s Great Hall, allowed potential homebuyers to purchase off-plan. The developer reported that interest in the new development was extremely high with 10 properties reserved in the first two hours alone.

The development officially opens at the end of October and the evening event also enabled potential buyers to learn about Blenheim Estate Homes’ approach to building high quality new homes.

Dominic Hare, CEO of Blenheim Palace, said: “We were delighted with the positive responses towards Park View we received from both potential home-owners and local people. We’re committed to enhancing our communities and creating long-term developments we can all be proud of, and that people will want to live in.

“Park View is the first development that reflects our Land-Owner Legacy Principles. It sets new standards with designs that truly integrate with the surrounding communities and blend with the wider world. It also incorporates sustainable building and sourcing and has initiatives that both protects and enhance the local environment with the ultimate aim of ensuring the quality of life for future generations,” he added.

Park View phase one consists of one- and two-bedroom apartments as well as two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom homes for sale.

Graham Flint, Managing Director Pye Homes, said: “I am thrilled to be able to unveil Park View and offer people the opportunity to buy off-plan and choose their dream home on the site. The launch enabled us to showcase the incredible features which we believe makes it a genuinely ground-breaking development; from build quality and energy efficiency to innovative materials and sympathetic exteriors.”

Later phases of the development will feature shared ownership, lettings and affordable homes for rent in partnership with West Oxfordshire District Council.

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