Blenheim Estate Homes releases latest phase of its landmark Park View development

Blenheim Estate Homes releases latest phase of its landmark Park View development

Blenheim Estate Homes officially launched Phase 2 of its landmark Park View development and more than 250 people have already pre-registered their interest.

A total of 21 properties are for sale, four of which are available as shared ownership, at the site which overlooks the stunning Oxfordshire UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Prospective buyers were advised to pre-register as demand is expected to be high, however the level of interest has far exceeded expectations.

Forty of the 46 properties in Phase 1 sold within three months, with almost half being reserved before the official launch.

The development incorporates Blenheim Estate Homes’ legacy principles – recognising long-term landowners have a social, economic and moral responsibility to deliver developments of which its local community can be proud, and that have a positive impact on the environment and ecology.

Each resident will get to share Britain’s grandest back garden as living at Park View gives access to 12,000 acres of the Blenheim Estate.

Wildlife is also encouraged, with Park View properties incorporating hedgehog highways in garden fences, bee bricks in garden walls and swift boxes in the eaves of the properties.

Within the grounds, original hedgerows have been retained, and there’s extensive planting of edible trees including apple trees, blackberry bushes and herbs.

With a firm intention to blend their new developments with the local community, Blenheim Estate has opened up numerous permissive paths in and around the estate and nearby villages, while improvements to walking and cycle paths will link Park View to the village of Woodstock. More cycle and walking paths are planned in coming months and years.

Many of the houses are faced in Cotswold natural stone, sourced from a local quarry within 20 miles, and every stone has been hand-picked, and hand-cut on site, hammered and chiselled until the size and shape is perfect, while both sash and casement windows are all constructed from sustainably sourced solid timber.

Property is an integral part of Blenheim’s 10-year development programme that includes tripling the Estate’s contribution to the local economy, delivering 300 truly affordable homes for local families and creating a £45m endowment fund to ensure the long-term future of the World Heritage Site.

Properties available in Phase 2 include two-bedroom home under the shared ownership scheme from £160,000 for a 40% share; three-bedroom semi-detached houses from £500,000; and five bedroom detached houses with double garage from £1.2m.

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