Polypipe Ventilation rebrands as Domus Ventilation

Polypipe Ventilation rebrands as Domus Ventilation

Polypipe Ventilation has been rebranded as Domus Ventilation with a move to new premises in South Wales, new management and customer services teams, an expanded sales network and new branding and identity. 

Whilst the Domus name has been used as a brand for Polypipe’s ducting products, other product lines were developed with their own distinct branding. However, with the first stage completed in a major re-evaluation and restructuring of the company, the decision has been made to relaunch the company under the new name of Domus Ventilation. 

Sales Director Stephen Smith commented: “Following extensive research, we have come to understand the genuine value of the Domus name.

“It is well known and directly associated with many positive attributes in the domestic ventilation sector, including quality products, which suits the direction we are taking for new products and services moving forwards. These are exciting times for the newly emerged company, Domus Ventilation, and we have invested considerably in its future.”

The first stage in the creation of Domus Ventilation has included a move of all staff and manufacturing to new premises in Caerphilly, South Wales. The advanced manufacturing facilities include 10,891m2 of manufacturing area, capable of lights-out operation for maximum efficiency. The new Domus Ventilation offices are home to training facilities, a fully staffed customer service team and a new management team.


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